Accelerated Masters Nursing Program for Non-Nursing College Graduates

Located in the heart of NYC, Columbia University School of Nursing is among the world’s leading centers of nursing education, research, and practice.

Length of







Start Date

15 Months

October 2022

February 2023

June 2023

The Masters Direct Entry (MDE) Program is a full-time accelerated nursing program for non-nurse college graduates who wish to become registered nurses (RNs).

This program prepares students in the provision of evidence-based nursing care with an emphasis on care coordination and religio/cultural care to patients along the wellness/illness continuum and across all care settings. 

Program Director

Heidi Hahn-Schroeder, DNP, RN

What Makes an Education at Columbia Nursing Unique

Educational Excellence

Clinical Practice

Global Health

We prepare students to excel as clinicians, researchers, and nurse leaders. Our reputation for innovation and excellence attracts highly motivated students who are eager to apply the knowledge they acquire and practice at the highest level of the profession.

Learning extends beyond the classroom. Students complete over 1,000 clinical hours in small group clinical settings in areas such as labor and delivery, medical surgical, pediatrics, community health, and psychiatric-mental health. The MDE program offers a unique six-week integration experience in which students work one-on-one with an RN in New York or participate in one of many global integration sites. Additionally, we have partnerships with more than 200 practice sites throughout NYC.

Columbia University School of Nursing prepares nurses with the knowledge, clinical expertise, and leadership skills to contribute to the vast health challenges facing most of the world's population. Our mission is to instill in nursing students a sense of global citizenship and ethical responsibility. 


Can I work while I am in the program?

Can I choose a specialty for the MDE program?

It is not possible to work during the MDE program.

No. The MDE program prepares students as nurse generalists and registered nurses. Thus, students do not choose a specialty.

What is the outlook for employment and salaries for a Registered Nurse?

What degree is awarded after I graduate from the MDE?

The employment and salary outlook for entry-level Registered Nurses is excellent. Please review the U.S. Department of Labor's career data and growth projections.

Students are awarded a Master of Science degree after graduating from the MDE. New York State does not offer MSN degrees.

Can I apply to multiple specialties for the DNP?

Do you require labs for the science prerequisite courses?

No. You must choose only one specialty.

Columbia Nursing does not require labs for the science prerequisite courses. However, please check with your home state as labs may be required for your home state licensure.

Financial Aid & Scholarships Available

Columbia University School of Nursing is proud to offer approximately $10 million annually in fellowships and scholarships to our nursing students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement, financial need, and exceptional promise for leadership in nursing. 

"Most of the nursing schools I researched offered bachelor’s degree programs, but Columbia Nursing's Masters Direct Entry (MDE) program allows me to get my master’s degree in 15 months, and leads directly into a doctoral program without having to apply again to school. And, as soon as I graduate I can sit for the licensing exam to become an RN. Also, the MDE program offers a lot of clinical hours starting from day one, which was a big draw. I had concerns about transitioning from a different field, and I wanted to be able to get hands-on experience working with patients right away. Columbia Nursing facilitates that."

Janine Inez

Masters Direct Entry Program Student

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